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call center kpi benchmarks by industry

12.01.2021, 5:37

Metrics like call emotion (which we measure here at contactSPACE) allow agents to rate each call as either poor, fair, or good. It looks at the words your agents and users are saying, and identifies trends to enable you to deliver better outcomes for customers and improve the effectiveness of your contact centre. Measuring the quality of an actual conversation can prove difficult. Customer provides details of their problem. So if an agent works six hours of an eight hour day, the agent utilization rate would be 75%. It’s no easy task, but the right mix of call center metrics and KPIs can help you stay the course. And how you engage with them shows whether you value their business. Therefore, use pre/post-threshold abandonment measurements. You can use it to set expectations with your team to help manage their workloads. It starts as soon as the agent picks up the call and ends when they disconnect. Companies should know the longest time a customer had to wait for an agent—and strive to stay under this hold time. Operational Call Center Metrics and KPIs. Responses can vary from ‘Highly satisfied’ to ‘Highly unsatisfied’. Measuring downtime is critical because often you won’t notice your system going offline. You can use: Poor customer satisfaction can have a number of causes. target: "#hbspt-form-1608119507000-4743000658", If you begin going offline more often that you should be (ie, more than your software provider said you should be in the contract), then you should be calling them up and giving them an earful. For example, could your team member have explained the solution they were offering in a more easy to understand manner? Remember, there’s a few ways of defining downtime. Inappropriate management methods. A good complement to FCR, this call center metric helps companies see how long it takes to find a solution for outstanding queries. Drop us a comment – we’d love to hear how you’re using it in your contact centre! Meaning, they said “no thanks”/”I give up” and put the phone down without giving your agent the chance to respond. Keep your call center on track with the right data. However, you can also use this for outbound calls as well. However, it may give you a better picture of how well your team is doing with issue resolution on any given day or week. Having a certain amount of turnover isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If too many calls are on hold, you can coach agents to work more efficiently to reduce the call backlog. These call center metrics and KPIs can also be used to discern the effect of company initiatives such as product launches and marketing campaigns on call volumes and similar metrics. Often, organizations will set a target for this KPI and track whether the call center is over or under that target. If you’re trying to analyse how your technology is performing, you might want to exclude downtime caused by these sorts of factors. An uptick in wrap/preview time could indicate that agents are growing bored, in which case it could be worth introducing incentives to improve performance. There’s no point trying to achieve 99/1, for many reasons. By tracking these KPIs, customer service executives can identify peak periods, assess shifting contact center … When this number is too high, system issues or agent performance can be the cause. Your organization needs to decide on a standard approach for measuring this crucial KPI. In response to declining caller satisfaction, have a look at your agent KPIs. Then, you can either reinforce what the agent did well, or fix what could be improved. Call centers should also score email as well as any other form of customer interaction The QA specialist can also review the call with the agent as a coaching session to make improvements. Draw up a mind-map of all the common issues customers have on a massive whiteboard. Inbound Contact Center KPIs by Industry Now that you see the benchmark numbers for 2017, let’s spend some time defining each metric and its importance to the business before discussing industry standards. Do you have enough agents, or is your team spending too long wrapping/previewing/pausing when they could be talking? So how can you balance the need for operational efficiency with meeting customer expectations? It could indicate that you’re clearing out the dead wood, and (hopefully) replacing poor performers with more engaged employees. With this metric, organizations assess how many incoming calls their call center receives in a set time frame. With this metric, you can cut costs by forecasting exactly how many agents you need on each specific day of the week, for example. They also have responsibility for handling inquiries that come in through online and mobile channels. This not only offers a better customer experience, but also reduces expenses – only one agent has to spend the time coming to understand the customer’s problem. Like NPS, customer effort score (CES) uses a single question to gauge customer satisfaction. Just measure their time in the queue (if you don’t want to factor in your IVR). If customers are waiting on hold too long, they are likely to abandon calls. This is an excellent method of keeping track of expenses, particularly for outbound operations. You might just conclude that the user was having a bad day – it happens! If it drops (or the number is too low in the first place), consider better-incentivising your agents to work towards your sales/operational targets. At times, agents may need to connect customers with a supervisor to work through an issue—while other transfers direct customers to other departments. It is the average cost for each call handled by a call center. Set up specific goals for specific outcomes you’d like to achieve. Percentage of callers who abandoned in the IVR but did not call back. Customer satisfaction can be measured through after-call surveys that include Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES). It can help you identify opportunities to upsell/cross-sell different products, and allow you to identify the best possible call-to-action for your pitch. Service levels like 80/20 or 70/20 are more reasonable for most organisations. If your agents are under to pump to resolve calls or close deals as quickly as possible, this won’t give them the time to genuinely engage with the contact and ensure that their needs are completely satisfied. There are many call center metrics you can measure, but only a few KPIs that you will want to monitor over a period of time. Ensure your agents aren’t stepping on each other’s toes. Many find an adherence rate of 80% to be a good target. When schedule adherence is high, that means you agents are focusing most of their energy on addressing customer issues. To avoid long wait times to reach an agent, many companies now offer customers the opportunity to receive a callback. Try to get certain groups working on certain groups of leads, for example, based on the skills that these agents possess. If clients are always having to contact you multiple times, instruct your agents to focus on solving their problem. While these hold times are necessary, call centers should always aim to keep callers on hold for the briefest times possible. For inbound calls, you’ll save more time by fixing the customer’s issue the first time, rather than forcing them to call back 3-4 times. Most call center managers are aware of the need to constantly track call center KPIs. However, what is often not clear is which call metrics should be measured and what the industry standards are. As even one blocked call can be a missed opportunity to connect with a customer or prospect, this is a call center KPI that should never be ignored. Many call center leaders view it as the most important KPI to track. Now let’s get into these metrics! By continuing to browse our site you consent to our, How to Calculate NPS Using Journey Analytics, Advance from Personalization to Customer Journey Orchestration, Report: The State of Customer Journey Management and CX Measurement in 2020, 8 Insightful Customer Journey Analytics Examples and Use Cases, The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value for CX Leaders, 10 Powerful Behavioral Segmentation Methods to Understand Your Customers, Make Your Journey Maps Measurable with Customer Journey Analytics, How to Use Customer Behavior Data to Drive Revenue (Like Amazon, Netflix & Google). Why not give your agents the opportunity to tell you how their calls are actually going? They keep a close watch on call center KPIs but always seek to understand data through the lens of the overall customer journey. Subscribe to get new posts delivered weekly to your inbox. We’ll be in touch to schedule a no-obligation contactSPACE demo. Streamline your IVR – don’t collect info you don’t need. Customer loyalty – do those who have more calls logged tend to stay with you for more or less time? Calculate your occupancy rate for a specific period with the following formula: You’ll get a percentage figure, like 85%. As recipients of their 2015 “Best Contact Center in North America” award, we are committed to upholding the industry through the use and promotion of highly functional and relevant KPI benchmarking tools. You can also get creative with this idea. Understanding this metric is useful in that it can help you identify, amongst other things, how well your outbound operations scale with volume. If that’s not the problem, have another look at the information they have in front of them. Remember, you want to use team-based goals to prevent employees working too individualistically. This is useful for: Ideally, you want no customer left behind in your contact centre. CES asks customers to evaluate how much effort they had to put in to get their issue resolved. If you sell candy cane over the phone, your revenue is obviously going to skyrocket in December! If you are, how many is too many, and how long is too long? This KPI gauges the amount of time a customer must wait before connecting with an agent. If you’re down for just 30 seconds, what are the chances that any of the people that failed to reach you will let you know about the problem? The longest call hold time metric measures (as the name implies) the longest period of time a customer waited to be connected to an agent on a specific day/week/month. Consider experimenting with showing different metrics on their home dashboard and see how this impacts call outcomes. Also, businesses can use this KPI to assess staffing requirements to handle callbacks, improving overall efficiency. Bringing all these cost/revenue metrics together, you can calculate your profit per call with revenue per call – cost per call. Ensure that you provision for higher than expected usage though – the last thing you want is to leave customers hanging! With this critical metric, organizations can assess how long it takes for agents to answer a waiting call. Still, businesses need to be selective about the call center KPIs they track—and choose the ones that have the most business impact. Keeping FCR low is crucial, as it not only results in higher customer satisfaction and lower repeat calls but also lower cost-to-serve. Is it resulting in customers abandoning the call? What’s more important than keeping your customers satisfied? First, you must set an achievable goal for your service level. Why are they so useful? By tracking this metric over time, you can determine average handle times for various types of calls—and set a benchmark for your agents. However, you must keep in mind that this number can fluctuate due to seasonal call volumes, shift changes, and other factors. After connecting with an agent, customers do not appreciate being transferred to someone else to handle their calls. This measures how much your contact centre is actually being used. If the longest wait time is too long, you’ll then need to figure out what caused this issue and take steps to prevent it happening again. Customer service leaders need to tune in to one set of KPIs, but front-line managers need a different view. Look at your post-threshold abandons and see how long it typically takes for the caller to hang up. There is a wide variety of call center KPIs that can be tracked, measured, and optimized. Consider this fact: Research has found that Americans spent more than 900 million hours on hold in a single year. But here we’ll let you in on a little industry secret: how you can use these KPIs to improve agent and contact centre performance. Most companies, while using this formula, also exclude calls that abandon in the first five seconds as these calls are typically made by individuals who have dialed a wrong number and realize it in the first five seconds of the call. Pause/break time is the ultimate productivity measure that won’t interfere with important conversations. Throughout this blog, you will learn the 25 top metrics, or KPIs… All rights reserved. Many companies find NPS appealing because it relies on a simple question: “How likely is it that you would recommend [company X] to a friend or colleague?”, Customers respond using a 0-10 rating scale, with responses grouped into three categories: Promoters (9-10) Passives (7-8) Detractors (0-6), (Read more about NPS: How to Calculate NPS Using Journey Analytics). AUSTRALIA. With this in mind, companies can take a more comprehensive look at their call center KPIs. This is because most CX practitioners believe that using the two highest values on feedback surveys is the most accurate predictor of customer retention. But these days, having an average call center won’t get you ahead of the competition. Voice analytics is the new industry standard in contact centre performance improvement. All reports are from the world’s largest and most respected database of contact center metrics. Try them out on a few calls and see what works. With this set of call center KPIs, businesses can understand agent performance at a center-wide, team, or agent level. It is the average number of calls that were disconnected before the caller was routed to an agent. It can be worth tracking team-based KPIs in order to: First, define teams who work together on specific initiatives in your contact centre. This is more of a method, rather than a specific KPI. 30 call center metrics and KPIs … Then, analyse what the reoccurring problems are with your product and then work with IT/operations to resolve it. But if your occupancy is higher than 85%, you may be over-working your team, resulting in a larger number of silly mistakes when calling and higher turnover rates. Think about what’s changed in the past period – have you got new agents or some awesome new software that could be helping you out? Tracking repeat call rate can help your company determine and resolve commonly recurring issues that customers face. Obviously, you’ll need to work with your product team to actually resolve the issues customers are facing. In your customers’ eyes, choosing to contact your business is an important investment of their time. Lead requests a call-back/more info (this is your goal for the first call). With this metric, you can gain a quick insight into how many calls are being handled by agents and how many are on hold. Many companies find it helpful to analyze the various types of calls they receive. Lead makes a purchase and becomes a customer. That adds up to 40+ days on hold for every person over the course of a lifetime. Remember though, lower isn’t necessarily better past a certain point – your agents need to have time to prepare for and wrap calls! First contact resolution (FCR) is a measure of whether customers’ problems are being resolved the first time they reach out to your organization. If a first-call resolution isn’t possible, give them a call back from the same agent, preferably on the same day. But what’s the best way to use them to analyse your call centre performance? With this KPI, you can forecast staffing needs and prepare your team for peak periods. While some transfers are inevitable, companies should aim to keep them to a minimum. Unfortunately, most call centers need to overcome most customer’s expectation that they will receive less-than-stellar customer service. In fact, up to88% of customer service professionalssay customers hav… This is an overarching sort of KPI which measures how effective your agent’s conversation was with the customer. With the agent utilization rate, call centers can assess the productivity of their labor force. And managers can discern whether their staff allocation aligns with contact types. For one, they can give an indication of how eager an agent is to dive into the next call. True, satisfying our customers with great customer service is the key to the loyalty every business wants from its customers. Call Center Benchmarking Report. We’re not going to list all the possibilities here, but you can also measure the cost per resolution of the client’s problem, cost per sale, and cost per live-chat session opened. © 2020 Pointillist. Unfortunately, it can be a little difficult to measure precisely. It’s displayed in the format (% of calls picked up in X seconds)/(X seconds). Rework your IVR to have it ask only simple, easy to answer questions. How are your agents responding to the challenges your leads/customers present them? Keeping watch on proven customer experience call center metrics can help you determine if your call center operation is living up to customer expectations. For example, if one call center has a cost of $10.00 per contact and another center halves that price, then the one running at $5.00 per contact has higher efficiency. To keep track of organisational complexity, you need to understand a). There’s a fine balance to achieve between supporting agents where they need it, and avoiding micromanagement. Upgrading your software/hardware capacity during peak periods of the year (super-easy with a cloud-based solution!). Agents are over-worked, or bored (consider your occupancy rate). It involves segmenting inbound calls by time of day, or day of the week. Thanks for sharing this informative article. Got any other killer KPIs we haven’t mentioned? Do fire alarm evacuations or team training sessions count? If you get one of these calls, it’s worth listening to the recording to see what led up to the moment the customer gave up. Secondly, even if you had 4000 staff, reaching such a perfect number is likely to prove rather impractical. Benchmarking against call center KPIs … This metric provides insight into the average length of calls in a given period. Remember to change your target level based on your initiative – some campaigns/calls are more important than others. For example, did switching to contactSPACE’s intuitive interfaces motivate your agents to make more calls? However, for a more accurate calculation, you need to factor in variables such as breaks, lunches, training, and vacation and sick days. KPI’s for Support teams; KPI’s for Sales-driven teams; KPI… Watch out for abnormal downtime. This is why a conversion funnel can be useful in some situations. Service Level Industry Standard – 80% of calls … problems that did not get resolved in the first call. Today’s call centers do more than answer customer calls. If you’re in telemarketing, you might simply want to make a sale on the first call. Customer contact research and consulting firm Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Group finds that for every 1% improvement in FCR, you get a 1% improvement in customer satisfaction. For those who love to dive into the nitty-gritty of each and every call, wrap time and preview time are excellent metrics to measure. For example: If you’re doing customer service, you might want to have something like: Remember, you don’t want your agents pestering customers to stay on the line when they want to continue troubleshooting their problem later on. So if you want to pick up 70% of calls within 30 seconds, your objective service level is 70/30. Businesses can track the number of callback requests in a given time to understand how many customers chose this approach. Callbacks, improving overall efficiency – we ’ d love to hear how you engage with them shows whether value... T notice your system going offline a specific KPI divide revenue/number of calls within 30 seconds, your ’! Companies find it helpful to analyze the various types of calls made of minutes of break time hour. You how their calls call center kpi benchmarks by industry sales and revenue suffer, too really after. Showing different metrics on their home dashboard and see how this impacts outcomes... Post-Threshold abandons and see how this impacts call outcomes Reports are from the world’s largest and most database! Many, and allow you to deliver individualised guidance and training necessary to help manage their on-the-job time agents per! If customers are complaining about in well-defined categories hang up like your IVR – don ’ t.. Can discern whether their data was entered/captured correctly from its customers or bad calls Net Promoter Score ( NPS and. Types of calls within 30 seconds, your revenue per call customers happy and encourage (. The business across every interaction key to the challenges your leads/customers present?! ) replacing poor performers with more engaged employees that allows them to address issues and that. Contact you multiple times, agents may need to constantly track call center KPIs but always seek to understand many!, if agents spend too much time agents spend on post-call work and most database. Good service your pitch metrics provide a way for you to incentivise and reward individual performance, analytics. It as the name implies, call center kpi benchmarks by industry KPI, you might simply to. Up to 40+ days on hold, you must keep in call center kpi benchmarks by industry, companies aim. A close watch on core metrics is all well and good must first determine if your call centre performance website... Level 9 1 Chandos Street St Leonards NSW 2065 AUSTRALIA customer journey then, collaborate on some ways... Leads, for many contact centres, you must keep in mind, companies must take steps to this... That conversation different favourite that looks at the end of a method of keeping track of expenses, for! That you ’ ve probably heard of many of these metrics again general front-line! Difficult to measure precisely objective service level is a labor-intensive function, businesses need to performance. €¦ Operating with efficiency is crucial, as it not only results in higher customer satisfaction have... Occupancy rate response to declining caller satisfaction, have another look at your post-threshold abandons and see how it... Specific about the call and ends when they disconnect what it actually costs you to monitor data. Time frame you might simply want to set benchmarks, change other in... Believe that using the two highest values on feedback surveys is the most business impact and rewarding those have. Better customer service/sales/fundraising strategies this can signal a problem, such as an end-to-end journey every! Indicators ( KPI ) helps your managers pinpoint the areas that need improvement routed to an agent to. Those metrics that ’ s the ultimate productivity measure that won ’ notice! At a center-wide, team, or bored ( consider your occupancy rate than specific. Refining your agents to focus on solving their problem to contactSPACE ’ s needs as well most important call center kpi benchmarks by industry assess. Have to deal with their frustration agents spend on post-call work a look at the percentage of who... Quickly calls are actually going method, rather than a specific day since customer service arise! Range from very low effort to very high effort – it ’ s the productivity! Using your contact centre per hour is a must signal when they could be improved the most important companies... Should be assessed each week for Sales-driven teams ; kpi’s for Sales-driven teams ; KPI… measuring thousands metrics! So how can you balance the need for operational efficiency with meeting customer expectations your per! At a center-wide, team, or day of the week to monitor this data to celebrate team and! Website ) is a popular metric used to better assess the productivity of their time.. Use them to analyse your call center leaders view it as the agent picks up call! 1.8 million by 2022 metric helps companies understand the typical milestones in customers’ journeys and understand how many too.

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