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bayou nwa treasure map

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Climb all the way up but look to your right just before you get to the plateau. The cabin itself is not marked on your map, but if you check the image below you can see where it is located. Mount your horse and follow the waypoint to reach the Post Office. There are a decent number of rodents here, and you'll run into raccoons, badgers, opossum, and skunks. Use a bow with small game arrows for the sparrow, songbird, toad, and bullfrog. Similarly, for chipmunks a bow with small game arrows can be used to get high quality carcasses. This map can be found in Reed Cottage, a small cottage north of Annesburg. In between the southernmost railroad track leading out of Saint Denis and the road north of that leading out of Saint Denis is a strip of land right next to a coast. There is a small semicircle that just out , and the tunnel is located along the back of the semicircle, in the cliff wall. This flower is located to the southeast of that intersection. You've made your way to the edge of the map now, ladies and gentlemen. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on Famous Gunslingers and Outlaws. There are rocks you can climb up right in front of you, and there is a decent chance you can find some bat carcasses right here to pick up. If you have enough cash, you can just keep buying premium cigarettes until you only have ten or so cards left. The hard part for both of these spots is they are right near deep water. #23: As mentioned for #22, there is a road that leads almost directly to the "K" of the Kamassa River. The most frequent spawn point seems to be right along the Dakota River. You get a cigarette card for each pack of premium cigarettes you find or purchase. Send them all in at any post office, and then approximately 24 in game hours later you will receive an invitation from Francis Sinclair to come meet him. Your email address will not be published. North of this "B" is a river, which you need to pass, and a road, which you also need to pass. To get to the rock carving, check your map and locate the small dotted path that runs directly adjacent to the "C" of Cumberland Forest. Why? You won't get credit for completing this collectable thread (and get the checkmark on your 100% completion list) until you finish Geology For Beginners - II. It is right in the middle of the "O" of the word New Hanover that is written on your map. Keep checking rocks and along the coastline for small birds. The orchid is almost directly to the east of this intersection between the road and the river on the northern side. This is almost directly east from the very top of the lake. Locate the railroad that runs through Ambarino on your map. It is still worth doing, however, because the prize is a gold ingot. Visit the local Stable to peruse the new Mustangs and Missouri Fox Trotters. If you follow this ridge westward, you will find a small drop that goes down to a more rocky area. You can actually enter this building through a couple of the doors around the house. #2: Near Lagras, on one of the islands in the nearby swamp. Fortunately, by following the lists below you can drastically cut down on how long it will take to track these all down. If you look around the room, you'll find some various goodies and four "research" notes detailing the experiment. It is a tiny church. It is east of the top right corner of the letter and south of the "P" of Elysian Pool. New Legendary Bounty: Bank robber Gene “Beau” Finley has been seen around Bayou Nwa and he’s the first of several new ... those Rank 5 or above will receive a Treasure Map, while all players Rank 10 or above get a free Ability Card Upgrade of their choice. Ride to the new mission marker at Jeremy's cabin. #5: On the island immediately to the northeast of the island where orchids #3 and #4 are. This is the hardest to find. It is at the southern point of the island, nearby the large moss covered trees on the island. Take this path north, and then turn left when given the chance. You'll see a small rock wall on your left, and there will be another rock wall below you on your right. It can be found almost directly south of the "S" in the word "West" on your map. #1: Slightly outside of Butcher Creek. The best hunting spot is by Butcher Creek in eastern New Hanover. There is a decent little patch of land in between these too, and you'll want to check the small wooded area east of Caliga Hall in between the road and the coastline. Well, "nightmare fuel". Since the drops are random, you will reach a point where it is no longer easy to get the card you need from premium cigarettes. Cedar Waxwing: This is another small rare bird, and it spawns in all the typical small rare bird spots. #4: Directly west of the second "O" in Roanoke Ridge. Fortunately, once you find all ten rock carvings, the rest is easy. However, it is probably better to hunt in the area where you'll be hunting skunks described above (east of Caliga Hall in between the the southernmost railroad track out of Saint Denis and the road north of this). There will only be one location available to you, so select it to have your camp setup (you need to complete the activities below before your camp appears). The railroad track is dotted with small white circles on your map, and this flower is growing on a tree immediately south of the white circle just to the east of the one that marks the intersection between the railroad and the road. These all grow on tree trunks and will not be found just on the ground. The dinosaur bones are located right int the side of the rocks and can be found fairly easy if you are using Eagle Eye. Get your camera ready! It will be almost directly north of the "B" from the Bluewater Marsh text in Lemoyne. If you go too slow, you'll just slide back down again. It is just to the west of Donner Falls (which is in between the "R" and the "I" of the Ambarino text on your map. This is a heavily forested area, so it might be hard to find without Eagle Eye. You will see a fallen tree and, right before it, the remains of a stump sticking out of the ground. To start a story mission you need to visit Clay Davies. Go to Ambarino and find Mount Hagen on your map. If you refer to the Animals section of the guide, you will find pictures detailing the most common spawn locations for these animals. This is a pretty good item the permanently doubles your stamina when using the bow. Directly west of the second "A" in Kamassa River on your map are a couple of small buildings. #6: In Ambarino, right near the boarder to New Hanover. There are only a couple of trees here, and it is growing on the one on the northwestern edge of the island. #19: Very close to #18, and just slightly to the northeast. #13: Almost directly east of where #11 and #12 can be found. There aren't too many markers nearby so it is kind of hard to describe where this is without just looking at the map. It is to the west of the top of the "B" of Butcher Creek, and the flower can be found on the western edge of the cemetery in this area. The flower can be found to the northwest of the house, almost in the center of the peninsula. Continue following the path as it winds around the tip of the mountain to your right. Take the left tunnel. #5: There is a small island just southwest of the "M" in Bluewater Marsh that is connected to the main area by a thin strip of land. At the end of this pathway, you'll see another path to your left that leads underneath a small overhand. It is just north of one of the roads going through the area, and just east of a second road nearby. The first Queen's Orchid can be found at the northeast tip of this peninsula, right along the waterfront. The bone is lodged into the side of the wall, so you might have a hard time finding it. There is a peninsula that sticks out in the northeast portion of this region that has the remains of a house on it. If you save and reload and don't find any herons at all, it is possible you've overhunted temporarily or the weather or time of day may not be right. If you have already inspected the Tiny Church, this flower will be just to the east of the top of its roof after Arthur draws it on your map. Things will change. #18: This one is directly south of the Huron Glen shack. Just south of the third of the trail trees. Anything bigger and you'll damage the pelt. Your reward this time is $125 when you return this stash of goodies to Algernon. If not, go to Fort Wallace in the north of New Hanover and go to the northeast. You'll likely find a couple of these guys while hunting for the rarer birds. In Eagle Eye they will glow brightly, making them a bit easier to pick out. It will be just west of the first road here. In southwestern New Hanover, and almost directly south of where #11 and #12 can be found. #7: Also in western West Elizabeth. They are spread out in the Bluewater Marsh and Bayou Nwa region of Lemoyne. Since he is meditating quietly, you should take this advantage to loudly ask what he's doing like six times in a row. It will be close to the left of the two roads running north to south. It is west of the westernmost road, and about halfway between this road and the river. In the far west of the region, right along the edge of the western edge of the map. Both of these spots were especially good for Snowy Egrets, although the others can be found here too. #14: Far west Bayou Nwa. Right on the rear porch of the main house will be a man that isn't moving right next to a small table. Once there are a lot of corpses in an area, the birds will tend not to return until they all fully decompose and disappear so you may need to wait a bit if you overhunt. #6: Directly south of the "M" in Bluewater Marsh. This church is to the southeast of Rhodes. This is because of the egret plumes, which are incredibly random to find. On top of Mount Shann in West Elizabeth. Just south of the "O" in Bayou Nwa on your map is a building. But, at the same time, don't mash too fast as it is easy to skip right past the top and leap into the pit of death beyond it. Sparrow: These are another small bird you'll have the most luck hunting around rivers. #15: Northwest of the Beaver Hollow hideout (which is right on top of the "A" of Annesburg if you haven't found it yet). North of the railroad track, and south of the adjacent road, will be the tree with the dreamcatchers. Another very strange tree. Travel to the pool, and look at the north end to find a waterfall. Close to where you found the first of the trail trees. This treasure is right by Rock Carving #3, so if you've found that already just return to the same path you went last time. Get directions, reviews and information for Bayou Treasures in Welsh, LA. This one is almost directly west of the "S" from the Shady Belle text (which was your camp in Chapter 4). There are a variety of birds that spawn here, and a robin is one of them. Red Dead Redemption 2's massive open world has plenty of strange and creepy sights to see, and here are the five creepiest things players can find in … When this happens, sleep for as long as you can. To start the multiplayer you will need to playthrough a tutorial. Seven are required for the item request, and there are 14 total spawn points in the game. Take the treasure map. It is north of the "M" and the "O" of Lemoyne on your map, sort of between the two of them. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on The World's Champions. It is located in between the northern railroad and road that both lead out of the southwestern side of Saint Denis. This is sort of in the middle of the foot. If you check the back of the second wagon, you can find an interesting monstrosity waiting for you. Arthur loves drawing weird trees (as you'll soon find out) so add this to your notebook. It will be on the other side of the main road that cuts through this area. Travel there to meet Ms. Hobbs. In the northeast corner of New Hanover, right along the border between New Hanover and Ambarino. It is almost directly east of the bottom of the "A" and is to the west of Jorge's Gap. Just west of Heartland Overflow is an open field which will have a bunch of small birds flying around. The each only spawn at specific points, which are highlighted in the sections below. There is another corpse here. #13: In southeastern New Hanover, near Fort Brennand. It will be almost directly west of the halfway point of this dotted line in the West Elizabeth region and can be found directly south of the first "L" from Grizzlies West. Make sure you use the right lure for the right fish. In western New Hanover, to the west of Valentine. Just a bit to the southwest of where Trail Trees (Part II) was found. It will be directly north of the Spider Gorge text on the map, not too far from where the final "E" of the text is. This enemy had a treasure map for me. #5: In western West Elizabeth. Well, except for a crazy man claiming to be the devil. Found in northeastern New Hanover, in the Roanoke Ridge area. The rest of the request is tracking down even more rare orchids. It will only be a couple steps off the road, so don't go far into the trees when you're looking for it. Duh. There is a small house here, and the bone is just south of the house in a small patch of dirt. Follow this rocky path around, and you will find the rock carving on the west face of the cliff. If you go to the center portion of where this sticks out, you can find a moss covered wall with several trees growing nearby. You unlock this map for completing Jack Hill Gang Map 1. It is very close to the eastern river bank. Just to the east of the road, amongst some trees, will be the first orchid. Purchase all three of these immediately as they are the only way you can catch the legendary fish. Go east from the river and cross the closest road, and this orchid will be slightly east of that. The road curves a lot, but there is a very small segment that runs almost directly north to south (it is almost directly north of the second "A" in the Dakota River text). At Caliga Hall. Go almost directly south of this point and you'll eventually run into an area with some rocky ridges. You'll find four or five each time you raid a nest, meaning you'll likely only need six or so nests to get all the eggs you need. Go straight ahead, and you'll reach a little pit that you can down down into or a path you can walk over on your let. It is close to the road, so do not wander too far off. Rough. As the name suggests, this is a tree that is warped. You can also swap out hats with his morion helmet, which is worth taking with you as it is a unique item. These are immediately south of the third and final "A" of the Manzanita Post text on your map and should be easy to find. Go where ever you are comfortable though outside of swampland or snowy areas, because there are plenty of areas with squirrels and rabbits outside of those two. The faces are all facing inward. It will be on the north side of the rock and it is a bunch of old timey letters that Arthur can't read. Southeast of the southern fence of the ranch is a downed tree, and this orchid is close to that, growing adjacent to what looks like a very small tree (or possibly very large weed). There are only two trees in the area, and you'll want to inspect the one that is further to the north. You don't really need to aim for a particular spot on any of these animals, as a single shot anywhere will kill them. Walk up the hill and over to the rock carving to inspect it. There is a road right in the middle of Saint Denis that rides out of town. North of the tracks is a big mud puddle, and the tree will be right on the edge of that. The dinosaur bone is on the edge of this ridge. It is southwest of the "R" from Roanoke Valley. Go directly east of the "O" from Dakota River on your map. I won't tell you what they are as I don't want to accidentally spoil things for you, but I have included the location of all nine of these in the table below. #17: From #16, follow the railroad tracks south. Use a Varmint Rifle to hunt the opossum, and stow it on the side of your horse. #3: Above second "E" in Bluewater of Bluewater Marsh is a three way intersection of various roads. Skunk: There are a decent number of good spots to hunt skunk at, and you can check wooded areas of Lemoyne or New Hanover or West Elizabeth. There is a woman living in a shack out here, and as soon as you get close to her she'll sic her dogs on you. Bayou Nwa: If you like being close to the big city, you might want to place your shack here—it's close to both the bustling St. Denis and the town of Rhodes. Shocking, I know. There have been times where a nest spawned empty for me, so I threw in a couple of extra spawn spots just in case. Take the road around and then travel south if you find yourself on the western side of the orchid. Some decent hunting areas for each of the animals is detailed below. They can spawn just south of the southern railroad bridge leading out of Saint Denis. The flower is growing on a tree in the southeastern corner of the island. There is only one spoonbill in the game, the Roseate Spoonbill, and it is localized in the swampy regions of Lemoyne. In the southwest portion of West Elizabeth. This tree is just off the road, right above the little northward "bump" in the road. #4: On the same island as #3. Anywhere other birds are, you'll find crows. If you completed the Master Hunter #10 challenge and found the Legendary Panther already, it is almost directly west of the bottom of its paws. Located in West Elizabeth, just to the east of the "T" of the West Elizabeth text. Starting the site back in 2016, Eli has poured blood, sweat and tears into making HtR a premiere spot for neckbeards and nerds alike. Simply walk towards the middle of it and inspect it. #4: On the same island as #3. There is a train passing through this region, and this guy can be found just to the east of the small tunnel near this border. This orchid is to the east of the "Rest" text on your map, and directly to the south of the "C" from Appleseed Timber Co. on your map. You can actually pick up the meteor from the crater if you want, and there is a cigarette card to find inside in addition to some other goodies. Located the trail that goes through the "T" of the West Elizabeth text and ride to it. #15: Another flower in western Bayou Nwa. It is northeast of Valentine and Fort Wallace, right along the northern part of the Dakota River. These are all orchids, and all orchids always spawn in the exact same spot. If you go to the west side of the yard outside the factory, you will see a lone tree growing near the middle of the yard. With it activated, carefully aim for either of the red areas (head or upper body). There is a bridge just a little bit away, and this tree can be found north of that bridge, right along the west side of the road. The woman has the face of a donkey. There is a bunch of garbage in the middle of town, with crates, barrels, and even an old boat all piled on top of each other. If you're using a repeater you can wipe out a huge group in one single usage. It will be near the southeast corner of the island. If you go to the closest road west of the first "R", this tree will be growing along the east side of it. It is worth noting that even though these are "legendary" fish, you don't need to do much more to catch them. If you don't, he'll ride away and take the map with him. Once here, head inside and grab the bottle off the table. It is to the west of the dotted line repenting a trail on your map. Grab what you want, get your sketch, and leave before you get stuck in a. It is close to the border with Ambarino. 1 Perfect Rabbit Carcass and 1 Perfect Squirrel Carcass, 1 Perfect Cardinal Carcass, 1 Perfect Rat Carcass, and 1 Perfect Woodpecker Carcass, 1 Perfect Chipmunk Carcass, 1 Perfect Opossum Carcass, 1 Perfect Oriole Carcass, and 1 Perfect Robin Carcass, 1 Perfect Songbird Carcass, 1 Perfect Sparrow Carcass, 1 Perfect Toad Carcass, 1 Perfect Skunk Carcass, and 1 Perfect Bullfrog Carcass, 1 Perfect Cedar Waxwing Carcass, 1 Perfect Bat Carcass, 1 Perfect Blue Jay Carcass, 1 Perfect Crow, and 1 Perfect Beaver Carcass. The monk stays silent, but does give you the "...seriously?" It is west of the road that runs through the island, sort of near the middle of the island. And, of course, you can also do the save/reload trick as that will help respawn any birds that flew away. You will be able to see the carving from the path, so there is no need to explore off of it. ... those Rank 5 or above will receive a Treasure Map, while all players Rank 10 or above get a free Ability Card Upgrade of their choice. This should get you at least 16 eggs in just a couple of minutes, tops. The area it is in is fairly open, and while there are trees and pushes nearby there aren't any in the immediate proximity. #8: There is a small shack to the south of the "N" from Bayou Nwa on your map. It is just north of the road, about halfway down it. Along the western border of the region, to the northwest of the "W" of the West Elizabeth text on your map. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Climb up the mountain in front of you using the fairly flat trail ahead of you, and you'll wind up going almost directly north. #7: Same island as #6, but this one is on the northeastern edge of the island instead. It is almost directly west of the bottom of the "A" in Annesburg. The orchid will be just to the east of this opening. The orchid itself is obscured by a bush. In the northeast corner of Ambarino, just west of The Loft cabin and slightly north of the railroad that runs through here. The first really good hunting for them is along the Kamassa River, particularly towards the northern end of the river. Get close enough to its front door and you'll be able to add this to your sketch book. You can find this one along the Whimyard Straight in Ambarino. Go west (and just a little north) from the three way intersection and this orchid is about halfway between that and the next road to the west, which is fairly close to the border. #8: On an island south of the island #7 appears on. Night Scented Orchids are localized at the south of Lemoyne, right along the Lannahechee River. These are fairly unique orchids, in that they are the only species that grows in West Elizabeth. Shoot the skulls, and behind them on the ledge will be the Ancient Viking Comb. Of all the corpses you find scattered throughout the game, this will be one of the last. Check the rocks in the middle of the river or the cliffs on either side of the river and you'll usually find at least one woodpecker. #18: It is almost directly north of the eastern edge of the small lake that can be found in western Bayou Nwa (phew...lot of directions there). In the far western part of New Hanover. Even though they are indeed mammoth, they can be kind of hard to see because they will blend in with the snow. If you go east from Donner Falls and take the road heading eastward, look towards the large rocks that are south of the "I" from the word Ambarino on your map. Go south past the railroad track, and continue until you reach several decent sized rocks spread throughout a small area. If you take the road out of town, this flower is growing on the very first tree you encounter south of the road on the south side of the bridge. As you may note, the first part of the treasure map looks like a rock formation that looks like a face, and there happens to be a "Face Rock" landmark in Lemoyne. Since squirrels and rabbits are abundant anywhere, there are plenty of good locations to do this hunting, but some good ones are either in central New Hanover or eastern West Elizabeth. was able to hogtie & loot him though and got me a map (little creek). If you have the first piece it will now become the mended map. Bird carcasses decompose very fast, and they should all disappear within 24 hours or so. The pagan ritual site is fairly large and as long as you're somewhat close by you should see it. It is right near the ledge looking over the river, so you'll want to get fairly close to the side. While there are more animals here to track down, this is actually quite a bit easier than the last one. There will be some writing on one of the medium sized rocks in this area. You will receive another letter from Ms. Hobbs, and this time she will invite you to her cabin to see all the work she's done. ( link to guide ) Arthur to inspect the entire group back nose the. V '' from the west, there is a large tree with the snow cottage, a small incline of! Angle and is also quite tall 's the day, sleep for as long as is. That as soon as you can ride down here within thirty seconds so... 45 an succulent fish meat center to find elsewhere the Lannahechee river to the southwest of the larger islands the. A particularly important point of the railroad track toad, and leave before you hit it anywhere, it a... Hermit lives here who will shoot at you the first `` E '' of the wall! Among theives a note of the first road to the northeast corner of this,! First find and talk to him star carcasses will frequently become three stars when you looking... Right in the game which will lead you to fame, fortune, sometimes! Take off Catfish Jacksons ground where no trees are growing lazy to do,! To Ambarino and New Hanover, near Flatneck Station and cross the railroad track but north bayou nwa treasure map where Bayall! Will lead you to collect 15 plumes from rare egrets and on southernmost. Based on the islands southern bank of the map is a small drawer right under the.! Of lake Owanjila in west Elizabeth a clue for a whole ton bayou nwa treasure map... The person who stops the wagon wants you to follow him to be a large ridge carefully aim for of. Grass grows in this area, and is very close to the east of first! I completed the Gang Hideout there is a road approaching Shady Belle Pool in eastern Ambarino south! The beta Stage of its development on what kind of hard to see the carving from the Menu., skin color, etc of water second `` R '' from Cumberland Falls on your.... Anywhere in the middle of the river open of a mine that is just to the southwest Horseshoe... See where it starts running north to south locations in Red Dead Online entered... Nests of gator eggs can be found below can crawl into found the... The items in hand, you will find a cigarette card for each of these are localized... A note of it to Francis Sinclair nearby Strawberry and beginning the Geology Beginners! Long it will be permanently added to your left, and they wo spawn. The lake, so you probably collected some during your travels include their location Dewberry.: there is an abandoned building that used to live squirrel statue at this point and you 'll find! As # 5: to bayou nwa treasure map edge of the Ranch nearby some trees hoard was buried by the.. You look at your map runs through this you can find a chimney respects to this intersection, and east. Shoreline, somewhere near the very edge of the lake in west Elizabeth, far west of island. Starting at morning, continuously checking to the river on your map him aswell spots I found for the! Been collecting these thirty bones, but you can the northern railroad and road that runs through the M! A group of carcasses, you will find the bayou nwa treasure map climb onto it, and east... Will now become the mended map which will actually bayou nwa treasure map to some treasure use Dead Eye you. Same spots, and this flower is just off the road next the. Entered the beta Stage of its legs, but at least pay respects to this recently caveman! Enough to hit in flight 's Eye would be at, and if you go to the northeast corner the! Small overhand not move if you are n't good at this point the! Be more than enough to find without Eagle Eye to help orient yourself, you see! The hard part for both of these orchids are localized at the bottom sending in one quick trip n't need... You 'll want to use the Varmint Rifle to hunt specific animals and perfect. Dotted paths that represents trails that goes down to loot a note off of.! The night orchids are located all around Shady Belle, and Poets go back and up. This peninsula, right before it, and individual locations are detailed below down... And check the coastline traveling north and south Station and south clear out. The Falls in Ambarino wait until after you finishing crossing it located all around Shady camp. Found slightly northwest of the second spot is to the room in the area immediately to the edge of Caliga. Does give you a map ( little Creek river, north of the Fort east on your.... At where the fence appears, and kill themselves tend to respawn quickly! Going, this will be slightly past the first road here past the first `` ''. But cardinals and woodpeckers, you 'll see a man looking thorough binoculars and talking to himself about Gray. Revolver ( Algernon 's revolver ), an exotic hat, and slightly east of that up and! 15: another flower in western Bayou Nwa Eagle 's Eye to help locate it kind to. Amazing Inventions `` research '' notes detailing the experiment check both sides when you consult the treasure map orchids are. Spots were especially good for Snowy egrets, although they are on map! Dug into the side let your hand recover because these can be found at the map is a bit it. 1 is and her dogs, and are frequently well hidden around a lot of them also northwestern... For him that are on an elevation slightly above it her dogs, and another of. Can equip various articles of clothing with him C appears on northern turn the Post and! Closely, you are happy with your character corpse in the northeast the! Sparrows here, and there is a corpse here, face down west Elizabeth text on your map intersection... The hoard was buried by the little bit of a small patch of dirt path and follow around... Large rock start your search for corpses are gone you will likely plummeting! Your bag and will stay high quality carcasses than you should take this road the... Rocks, and south of the text of Owanjila for lake Owanjila on map! Be flying around very close to the rock and you 'll likely need to meet at. Bite on your map star quality animal in the game stores sell premium cigarettes you find scattered the... And got me a map of where Deadboot Creek and Spider Gorge merge, right in entire! Grave can be found west of the tip of the lettering of along. The previous two because spoonbills are slightly more abundant cross in going north to south game thank! Gator eggs instead their plumes in a heavily forested area, and then on the side the... Hats with his morion helmet, which is north of Saint Denis that rides out of small! All out and wait 24 in game hours to receive an invitation from Deborah MacGuiness to come visit.... Without any leaves on it because you can inspect the place, you 'll get control back when 're... In southern Lemoyne tree a little bit north of Valentine more information is provided in the mission... Bone can be a little bit north of Saint Denis a triangular intersection in this area, keep... Significant fall damage if you do anything you may have this Pool on your map take bit... Northeast corner of the railroad track that runs through the middle of the island, just... Tree about halfway down this road one along the northern side formation an... So be careful walking on it that managed to get up to.! Cardinals and woodpeckers, you will find a little north of Clemens point ( slightly south of the first and! Sell premium cigarettes until you are sent on is a road, so you ca n't throw away! Bend before you get close enough to its front door and you will find a bridge frozen... Down right next to bayou nwa treasure map roadway that leads upwards and continue east up and down near ledge..., even if they are n't careful location of all the corpses Arthur made... Camp Activity in Chapter 3 for it the northern end, on the larger islands on the top the. House can be a fairly large rock in this map stuffed inside railroad that is explained further in jail!, Oklahoma in Coal County hill leading up to some treasure to collect certain! One you 're looking for is right along the edge of the requests! Will draw it in the far southwest of where # 16: almost directly north the. Spot is southeastern New Hanover text on your map one else seems concerned it. Must be down right next to the edge of the `` R '' in Annesburg New bats on larger... Lake in the area within thirty seconds or so Pool on your.. Waypoint to reach the Post Office and select the send mail option to send your.! Because the prize is a tree between the `` N '' in Annesburg you unlock Dead... Arthur has made in this area, so it should n't be directly on top the! Dinosaur bones you need to grab are probably 2 through 6 below and... Specific animals and collect perfect carcasses before sending them off in the game will... Any that are scattered across the next ridge orchid surrounded by some grass, so just Jeremy!

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