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latin female dog names and their meanings

12.01.2021, 5:37

It comes from the little edible shelled creatures from the sea. Elsa:  This cute name means, “God is bountiful.”  Elsa is also the princess in, Frozen. This list of the best female dog names and meaning will help you out. Mira:  This name means, “Ocean,” in Sanskrit. Roxie:  The meaning of this name is dawn. If you are going to have a fast pooch, then this might be a great name. Rosemary:  Rosemary is an essential oil and a cooking herb. Tarot:  Tarot cards are used by fortune tellers to predict the future or answer questions. Brie is also a kind of cheese from France. Adena:  You might get burned with this one! But penne are cut at angle, Ziti is cut straight. For this reason, Robin would be a cool name for a pooch with blue peepers. This would be an ideal name for a canine with blue peepers. Quella:  This is a pretty intense thing to call your dog. It is used in tomato sauce, vinegar, and pesto. Aspen is also the name of a popular ski area in the US. Pancake:  This is a breakfast treat. Erma:  Erma is from the German word “Irmin.”  This word means “War goddess.”, Eva:  Eva is the Latin form for Eve. Your email address will not be published. Today, Christian parents continue to value the ancient custom of choosing a biblical name with important significance for the life of their child. Everything you need to know. Selma:  This is great name for your new pooch. Evy:  Evy means, “Life.”  It is related to Eve. It also means, “God is my oath.”. This would be cool for a little bad ass. When it dies, it burns up and a new one rises from the ash. It means, “Mighty and powerful.”. She looked over a woman’s life. Go on then. We don’t only have the names but the meanings, as well. Athena:  Athena is the Greek Goddess of war. They are usually white or gray. The below list includes great Greek names, their gender, and their meaning for you to use as inspiration for naming your dog. Zin is a black grape wine. Morsel – A small piece or amount. Another meaning is, “Strength of Battle.”. Julep:  A Julep is an alcoholic drink. Adele means, “Noble and serene.” Addie: This name has the meaning of, “Noble nature.” Adell: This name comes from France and Germany. Also, it is the letter, “J,” from the NATO alphabet. That’s because it is. 500 Popular Female Dog Names Also, we have sever niche posts that break down the names into specifics. However, when you hear Lucy most people think of Lucille Ball, the famous ginger actress. This is a French white wine that sparkles. Good girl dog names are a little bit harder than male names. Daisy:  This name is from the yellow and white flower. Female Dog Names." In other cultures, it symbolizes a messenger. It is also the Roman goddess of the moon. What name do you think would suite me? Think about her looks and her personality. Then try to pick the name from there. Sable is also an animal that is used for its fur. Pumpkin:  This is a squash that is large, round and orange. In France, bon means, “Good.”. Loba:  If you want to go for bad ass, this will work. Raven:  A Raven is a black bird. It also means, “Life,” in Sweden. Adrian: Is a form of the Latin given name Hadrianus: Aesop This was also the mascot of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Amber:  Amber has the meaning of, “Jewel.”  There are tons of jewelry made with Amber. Dot:  This is the nickname for Dorothy, which means, “Gift from God.”. They symbolize pureness. This may also help you choose an appropriate name for your dog. She is the one that changed the men into swine. Jaylin:  Jaylin means Jaybird. Vesper:  Vesper means, “Evening star.”  It is also the name of the martini that James Bond drinks. Sage also gets rid of negative energies within a house. If you think your pup will like hugs, then this might work. Nori:  This name means, “Belief.”  It is from Japan. Skylar:  Skylar has the meaning of, “Eternal life and strength.”   It is a unisex name, but I think it would be a cool name for white girl dog. Make sure you are prepared for your new pup! It has a very woody smell and taste. This name might also be fitting for a Southern pooch from Atlanta. Juliet:  Juliet means, “Youthful.”  It is the name of the star-crossed lovers from the Shakespeare play. Celeste is an ideal name for a blue-eyed puppy. This includes the battlefield or the sports field. It is also a chocolate company in the US. Stormy:  Stormy was a foal that was born in a storm. Zen:  This word is used to describe a place of being mellow. This word means “Life.”, Avalon:  Avalon is the island where King Arthur is buried. “Will-helmet,” is the meaning of this German name. Doodle:  Doodle is a mixed dog where one of the parents is a poodle. Latte:  This is a drink made from espresso and steamed milk. It is often used as a nickname for a red-head. “Fire,” is the meaning behind Adena. It means, “Fighter.”. Ella would be a could nickname. It has a unique taste because it’s made with French grapes. Think of a pineapple slushy and add rum. Bee:  This is the second letter that you ever learned. Now it is pretty much anything Texas A&M related. Copyright © 2020 Gemini Rogue LLC. Sky: This nature name obviously represents the sky. It also means, “Beauty.”. It can also be a tree. This German name means, “Divine Protector.”. It is also a mixed drink, that people drink at brunch. This might work if you have a beach lifestyle. But like most rules they can be broken. Hera:  Hera is the Queen of the Gods in Greek mythology. Zenzi has the meaning, “To thrive.”. Snickers:  Snicker can have two meanings. Rogue as a verb, means to go against what is expected. It is also the material that kids use on art projects. If you can’t get enough of your sweet little pooch, then this might be a good name. Another cool name for a blue-eyed canine. Luna: Luna means moon. You’ve got it! It means, “Defender of man.”. It can mean, “Star,” in Sanskrit. Apple:  This is the name of a popular fruit. It apparently means, “Praise.”. This is an ideal name for a girl puppy with sapphire colored eyes. Sherry:  Sherry has the meaning of, “Darling.”  It is also a type of wine. Remember, this doesn’t need to happen in one day. One is to laugh at someone in a mean way. In Russia, it indirectly has the meaning of, “Dear.”  In Slavic, it means, “Hardworking.”  Either way you go, it has a cool sound to it. Tempest:  This is a great nature shout out. Of course, this is can also be a reference to Old Glory. When the leaves turn colors and it gets colder. It is a classic cocktail. Any dog parent will know that one of the hardest things (and the most fun!) This is a frozen drink, made with pineapple, coconut milk and rum. Katniss:  Katniss comes from the Hunger Games movies and books. Winter:  The Winter name comes from the season. It is the home of Las Vegas. Sini:  In Finland, this name means, “Blue.”  It is from their word for blue, “Sininen.”. Luana:  This name has the meaning of, “Gracious warrior.”  In the German, it has the meaning of, “Graceful Battle Maiden.”. It is also used in Honey Beer. This means, “Good.”  However, everyone knows that this a tropical drink. Charlie:  This is from the NATO alphabet. It is native to China. After interviewing several veterinarians about this hypothesis, it was determined that there are certain characteristics generally associated with different female dog names. Dog Names Dog Names Start Page Top Dog Names Cute Dog Names Cool Dog Names Female Dog Names Male Dog Names Famous Dog Names Black Dog Names Popular Dog Names Unique Dog Names Unusual Dog Names Dog Health Dog Health Start Page Feeding a Dog Dog Grooming Dogs & Kids Choosing a Vet Checking a Dog's Health Pet Insurance Puppy Training Willa has the meaning of, “Determined protection.”  I think this would fit most pups. It is a shade of blue. This means, “All.”. So why not Click to go to the G's of . Her powers are strength and combat. It also represents higher nobility. Riva:  Riva is a French word that means, “From the Shore.”. We also have an entire boy names section too! Name Meaning Male/Female; ABERTO ... All images are the property of their respective owners. . Most people are aware of the Mint Julep. Ricochet: This is when projectile bounces or skips off a surface. Bayou:  A Bayou is a shallow marshy outlet of a body of water. Candy:  Everyone should know that this a little piece of sweetness. Fern:  A Fern is a plant that does not have any flowers. Delta:  It is used for the letter “D” in the NATO alphabet. So, if your pup is going to be buzzing around your house, this might work. They cost you nothing but we make a small commission. Banshee:  This name comes from Ireland. Ruby:  Ruby is Latin for red. ... 100 female dog names that your girl … Ayra:  Ayra means, “Noble goodness.”  It is also the name of the younger Stark sister in the Game of Thrones. If you are good, then good comes your way. Evanna:  “Young and brave fighter,” is the meaning behind this name. To drill down, here are some cool options; cool, unique, blue-eyed, military, German Shepherds, food & booze, badass, cute and a whole boy section! It means, “Wolf power.”. He was one of the three pooches that are on the Hollywood walk of fame. It is also a part of poetry. This is an aborigine throw stick. Jasmine also means, “God’s Gift.”. Lucy - The feminine version of the Latin name Lucius, meaning of the light (either born at daylight or of light complexion). Maris:  Maris is a Latin word that means, “Of the sea.”. Brandy. We have given you some cool Greek names for dogs along with their meanings. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Rainbow:  A rainbow happens when sunlight hits drops of water. Nina:  This might mean, “little girl,” in Spanish. Sunna:  In Norse and German Myth, this is the name of the Goddess of the Sun. Nevada:  This is a state in the US. Getting a puppy is always an adventure. What name will you choose? Wendy:  Wendy means, “Friend.”  It is also the name of an American fast food chain. So, it can be cute and wicked at the same time. Sage: Sage is an herb from the mint family. Anna:  Anna was one of the princesses in the movie, Frozen. Sierra:  Sierra is a Spanish word that means, “Saw.”  It also the name of famous mountain ranges. However, they were called different things. Gretchen:  The meaning of this name is, “Pearl.”  Might be a good choice for a white pooch. Then narrow it down to your top five. Jelly:  The second part of a PB&J. Donovan:  In Ireland, “Dark Warrior,” is the meaning of this name. If you have just adopted a dog, be that an adult dog, female dog, male dog or puppy and you want to give it a name that highlights this powerfully loyal quality, then you cannot miss our list of the most powerful dog names for loyal dogs - males and females. This word can mean fire goddess, strength or power. ... from the Latin word signifying "great. So, if it’s bitter then it’s hoppy. Cammi:  This girl name is from France. When a person is trying to trick you, they are tricky. When there is a storm in the air, it is often referred to as stormy. Elektra:  Elektra is a kickin’ assassin in the Marvel Universe. Peppermint Patty:  A Peppermint Patty is a chocolate patty that has a peppermint middle. These unique names for female puppies are useful because all these names are unseen and priceless. Gigi:  This is pronounced, “G-G.”  It is a name from France that means, “Earth worker.”. Cadence:  A cadence is the call and response song that is sung during marches or running. As a word, it means a sharp barb. This was also the name of one of the main characters on the TV show Charmed. She is the sometimes girlfriend of the Joker in the Batman world. Pinot:  Pinot Noir is a red wine. Pixel:  In a digital display, a pixel is the unit of measurement. Olive:   Olives are small egg shaped green or black bitter fruit. Wanda:  Wanda has the meaning of, “The wanderer.”. Additionally, K9ofMine.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. This name means, “Living one.”. May:  May is from the Goddess of Spring in Greek Myth, Maia. Kimber:  Kimber is a brand of handgun. Storm:  A storm is weather that can cause damage. Trixie:  This would be a cool name. Just be careful of the pit. It means, “Wolf,” in Germany. It is also the name of a South Park Character. It is a kind of Irish Whiskey that has dairy in it. Dasom – Meaning love, this name works for female dog that showers its owner with love and attention. Most humans try to teach dogs their values. Then wait a few days. Just don’t add pie to the end of it. Elma:  This name means, “Helmet.”  It symbolizes a tough girl. Teale:  This is another spelling of the color teal. Flora:  Flora is the from the Latin word for flower. Brie:  Brie is derived from the Celtic word Brigh. Top of the heap. Tess:  Tess is a nickname for Teresa. Mary has a few meanings, “rebellion,” or “wished-for-child.”  Minnie also means small. Sera:  This comes from Seraphina. Pebbles:  This was the name of the cartoon kid of Fred Flintstone. This name would be ideal for a pooch that is sweet and outgoing. Ferns have leaves that look like feathers. Snow:  This name comes from the wintry wet mix that falls from the sky. Aggie also means, “Virtuous.”  So, if your pup has a moral streak, this could also work. dog-names-and-more.com Table of Contents Vivian:  In Latin, Vivian means, “Life.”  It also reps the blue or green mineral, Vivianite. Raine:  This is another name that can have different spellings and meanings. Izzy:  Izzy is a nickname for Elizabeth. Look at those faces! The word comes from the Native American Choctaw. It is also from the military alphabet. It is a crispy wafer coated with chocolate. “Daisy flower,” is the meaning of this Spanish word. So, if you’re a drinker or a thinker this can work for your pooch. Kerta:  Kerta has the meaning of, “Warrior.”  Have you ever heard a pooch called this? Below is a list of some of the best unique female dog names and meanings that we think you will love for your new girl dog. This is also a shout out to Bailey’s Irish Cream! Author: James Livingood. Summy:  This name is based on the greatest season, Summer. Fudge:  This is a milk, sugar and butter mixture that results in a soft candy that is spongy. It is a small piece of cake and hard frosting on a lollipop stick. All that stuff is thrown into a blender and served with a slice of pineapple. Roo:  A Roo is a slang term for the kangaroo. These foreign dog names are an excellent choice for the pooch that loves to travel, whether it be around the world, or just to the end of the block. Also, this bread is the main part of Pita Chips. It stands for New Orleans, Louisiana. Sigrid:  Sigrid is a girl’s name that means, “Fair victory.”  It is from the Norse culture. Echo:  An echo is a repeated sound. In Italian, it has the meaning of, “Battle maiden.”  But in English it has the meaning of, “Wise and Old Protector.”. Elexis:  Elexis means, “Defender of mankind.”, Elke:  This German name means, “Of Noble birth.”, Ella:  Ella has the meaning of, “Light.”  In German, the name translates to Alia. Vera:  Vera has 2 cool meaning that could be used for a pooch. Willa:  Ready for a bad ass name? A new pup needs one of the great dog lovers. Heidi:  People love naming their pooches Heidi. Blue Blazes is a common term, said in surprise. Agate:  The pronunciation of this name is, “a get.”  Agate is quartz. Our new family members deserve the best we can provide for them. It can also be a cooking measurement. Mena means, “Strength.”. Ragna:  This Norse name means, “Strong,” or “Warrior.”. I think people love the way it sounds. It is also the name of a member of GI Joe. If you add it to Dally, then you have dilly dally. 525+ Cute Female Dog Names and Meanings. Like, German Shepherd, unique, bad ass, blue eyed,  cool, military, food & booze and cute dog names! Nami:  In Japan, Nami is the word for, “wave.”. Cherry could be for a small dog with shades of red. Ada:  Ada comes from the name Adele. Jazzy:  Something or someone is Jazzy if they have some flair. Ripley is one of the first butt-kicking heroines of cinema. Imagine yelling Trix! Tillie:  A name from Germany. Sweetie:  Sweetie is an endearment term. It also comes from the Italian word, Bambino. Twinkie:  This is a small sponge cake that has a creamy middle. Harper:  Harper is the nickname for people that play the Harp. Lastly, there is Reign which means how long a ruler is in charge. Ziti:  This is a noodle that is like penne pasta. However, Charlie is a nickname for Charlotte or Charlene. Honor:  To treat someone with respect. It is also the call sign for one of the main heroes on the Battlestar Galactica TV Show. Caden:  “Spirit of battle,” is the meaning of this Welsh name. They also have a pit on the inside. The word Brandy is derived from the Dutch. Aspen:  This name is from the Aspen tree. L’élu:  This the French term for, “The chosen one.”, Lexi:   Lexi is another name for Alexandria. You could also use the nickname, “Kat.”  Seems like a funny idea for a dog. When searching for a name, Native American dog names can be a beautiful and powerful choice. ***, Sauda – Swahili name meaning ‘dark beauty’. Heart:  The symbol for love. This is a gelatin mixture of fruit and sugar. Ree:  This Hebrew name means, “To captivate or to bind.”. Breeze:  This is a soft wind that is refreshing. The name is a combo of two French words, “cime,” and “roche.”  This translates to, “Peak,” and “Rock.”. You could also use this name for a pup with blue eyes. Sadie:  Sadie comes from the name Sarah, which means princess. ... We can’t pass up the opportunity to recognize these individuals and use their names as inspiration. Cake Pop:  This is a popular sweet treat. It means, “Peaceful ruler.”. Peanut is usually a nickname for someone small. Britta:  This doesn’t come from the water pitcher. Only one Phoenix can live at any one time. Butters:  This is that ultra-healthy yellow milk fat that you add your popcorn to. It is from a Greek word, which means stone or rock. Maizie:  Maisie is a nickname for Margaret. It is also the name of Spiderman’s girlfriend. Cassie:  This name stands on its own, but you could also use Cass. Ice is frozen water. This makes dog training a little easier. Hilda:  It might sound like a grandma name, but it’s meaning isn’t even close. This is a hot pepper. Mila:  This name is from Eastern Europe and has meanings in both Slavic and Russian. BELLA – Dogs named Bella are often small and pretty. The Big Book Of Dog Names. Socializing your new puppy. This is how the scarlet jewel received its name. Lamb chop:  Lamb chop was the name of a famous sock puppet. Foxtrot:  This is the letter, “F,” from the NATO alphabet. Boo:  This is what a ghost will say to you, if you ever meet them. Dally:  Dally is when you do everything slow. Pudding:  This foodie name has two meanings, the US and the English. Take your time when choosing a name for your new girl. Belle:  Belle is French for, “Beautiful.”  Belle is the main character in Beauty and the Beast. Diem:  Diem is the Latin word for, “Day.”  Most know this as part of the saying, Carpe Diem. This would be a great name for Golden Retriever. Coming up with a unique girl dog name is more fun than choosing a common name that lots of other puppies already have. The tree symbolizes resurrection, strength and victory. It is also a mixed drink made with wine. Stella:  Stella means star, the kind in space. Martini:  This is a popular alcoholic cocktail. It is made with a non-sweet batter and fried on one side. Makenna:   This is a lot like, Kenna. Sugar:  The core of sweetness is Sugar. Jule:  This a different way to spell Joule or Jewel. Coco:  Coco is the main ingredient in chocolate. Neve:  Neve means, “Snow,” in Italy and Portugal. This name can also be from the candy item, Pixie Stick. Since it sounds very Irish, it might be good for a red pooch. Dixie:  In the US, Dixie is a nickname for the South. Rai:  This name has the meaning of, “Thunder,” or “Lightning,” in Japan. Margaret is derived from the word for, “Pearl.”  You can spell it with a “z” or an “s”. Franco – Latin meaning ‘free man ... From the smallest to the shortest, here are ten names that would suit small dogs whatever their breed! Phoenix:  Phoenix is a mythical bird. Jazz:  This is a genre of music. As a name, it means, “Beautiful.”  This will work if you have anyone in the house that loves the movie. She used Melba, because she was from Melbourne. They are helpful. Yummy:  Yummy is one of the first words that kids learn. Nushkka:  This Hindu name means, “Precious Possession.”. It means, “Loin of God.”  It was the name of the princess in The Little Mermaid, Arma:  Arma is the Romanian word for, “Weapon.”. Natty:  Remember the days when you took any beer you could get your hands on. Joule:  There are a couple meanings of this name. Sushi:  People refer to Sushi as raw fish. The second is the name of the Roman goddess of the night. Storm is also a member of the X-Men. Kelley:  Don’t let this human name fool you. Mocha:  Mocha is the drink that combines coffee and chocolate. Zephyr:  “West Wind,” is the meaning behind this Greek name. "Names and their meanings from around the world." Cinder:  A cinder is a piece of wood that is burning from within but with no flame. They have been the subject of many kid books. It is also the first name of United States Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. It means, “Nobility.”, Helga:  Helga is a German name. Shirley:  This name means, “Bright meadow.”. It also has the meaning of, “Fair shoulder.”. Kara:  This name has the meaning of, “Dearest one,” or “Beloved.”  It is also the first name of comic book hero, Supergirl. It is made with sugar, rum and a fruit. Bellini:  This name means, “Little beautiful one.”  It is from Italy. It also means brash. They are like cuddles. When something taste great then it is yummy. 1. Required fields are marked *, All Rights Reserved © Designed for Dogsense NZ by Best Sense. Sheena:  Sheena is Gaelic for of Jane. Margaret is derived from the word for, “Pearl.”, Miku: In Japan, Miku mean of “Beautiful sky.”. Vida:  Vida is a Scottish name that means, “Friend or beloved.”, Vigga:  This Danish name is pretty tough, it means, “Battle.”. Ida:  This girl name is from Germany. It is used for the letter “S.”  Additionally, this is also a shout out to Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. It is made with Gin, Vermouth and an olive. Raven is also the name of Mystique, an X-Men villain. Glitter:  Glitter means to shine and sparkle. Fuzzy:  This had two meanings. In many cases, however, names from this category are more likely to be pinpointed based on either the profession chosen for the dog, dubbing a future therapy dog Saint, Grace, or Rainbow, or on their circumstances, such as a moniker of Dorcus or Lazurus for a dog rescued from a … Lejeune:  This name means, “the younger.”  It is also the name of a North Carolina Marine base. We have a ton of resources! Layla:  Layla has the meaning of, “Dark beauty,” or “Night.”  This name is from Arabic origins. These swords are from the late 17th century and 18th century. Lapis:  Lapis Lazuli is the sought after blue stone. Koda:  The meaning of Koda is, “Little bear.”. Aife:  Aife was a bad ass warrior princess from Scotland. Really, it is a dried-out grape. Radon:  Radon is a harmful radioactive gas. Aurora:  This name means, “From the heavenly lights.” Aurora is also the Roman goddess of the dawn. Cherry:  This name would be from the red fruit. Ice:  This chill name comes from the cold. You could just use puff if that bothers you. It is from the German word, “Id.”  This means, “worker.”, Ilma:  “Faithful protector,” is the meaning of this German name. However, it also means weak. Her is another one that means, “Defender of man.”. Freeway:  Freeway is a major road. Bambi:  This just isn’t the name of the fawn in the movie, Bambi. Those are sprinkles. They can’t stand still physically or mentally. It is also the combination of the names, Brook and Lynn. Nobody wants to be walking in the local park and hear someone else call the exact same name as your new dog! The beautiful country of Ireland has produced some of the world’s most beautiful human names, many of which are perfect dog names!. American Pudding is a creamy dessert. Nevaeh:  Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backwards. Everyone love a sunny day. It is made with Italian sparkling wine and peach nectar. Asteria:  Asteria means, “Star.”  This was also the name of the Greek God of falling stars. There also was a famous gorilla that knew sign language, who was named Koko. It means, “Strength” or “Exalted one.”. This is it! Mimosa:  This is a yellow flowering plant from the land down under. Raisin:  This is a magical pill that you give screaming kids. It would be a perfect name for a small dog that has a certain kind of bark or whine. Cayenne:  If you want a hot and spicy name then this is it. It is included here because of Lady Jule. Delta is also from the elite special mission unit, Delta Force. A cool nickname or variation would be Deni. Sorbet:  This is a frozen dessert. Panda:  This a huge white and black bear. So, if you need a chocolate dog name, this will work. Dee:  The name Dee means, “Dark.”  It can also be used as the letter, “D,” which can stand for dog. Both are spelled different but they sound the same. The 1st female. How about, “Bear,” in Choctaw? Lumi:  Lumi is the Finish word for, “Snow.”. It means, “Warrior.”. Valda:  Valda is German and has two meanings. Dash:  This is a short distance sprint. She was an iconic rock star from the 1960’s. It gets spread around, but no one can confirm it. The gun reloads itself, but only fires one bullet at a time. This might be cool for a tiny pooch. Dark haired people are nicknamed Ravens. Bubbles:  When soap and air mix, you get Bubbles. Greek mythology offers many interesting names and there are many others derived from the Greek culture. It differs from a cupcake, because a cupcake is made from a batter. Get ready for pop culture references, unique names, and some classics. Teresa is from the Greek word “therizein,” which means to reap. The last meaning is a precious stone, jewel. Taffy:  This name comes from chewy sweet candy that is usually made in beach towns. Greek Dog Names Choose the perfect Greek name for your dog or puppy. Zipper:  A zipper is two pieces of metal or plastic that have teeth. It means “Great Land.”. The list of female dog names and their meanings! A violet is a flower that is the color violet. This name is most known with, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Either way, this means to run lightly and fast. So, if you have relaxed pup this might work. Aslan:  Aslan is the Turkish word for, “Lion.”. Chardonnay:  This is a white wine. Artemis:  She is the Greek god of the moon, hunting and wild animals. Let’s face it, your new puppy will act like a little child for a while. Likewise, female people names … If you choose this, be sure to say it correctly, “my tie.”. It is also a cucumber that has been fermented in vinegar. It means, “Serpent,” and also, “Burning one.”  So, if you are looking for option that has a meaning, this might work. HOME PAGE Home Page. Kori:  Kori has a few meanings. Dixie – a nickname used in America for anything south. A female pup can have a cool name or a cute name. Arabelle:  “Beautiful eagle,” is the meaning of this German name. Artemis – Greek God of the moon, hunting and wild animals, Azura would be the perfect female dog name for a Husky, meaning sky blue in Spanish, Bailey – protective wall surrounding a castle. It means, “Lily.”, Zao:  In Croatia, Zao means, “Wicked,” or “Evil.”, Zelda:  The Zelda meaning is, “Dark battle.”, Zelma:  This sounds like it belongs in a book from high school. It can also mean, “Famous warrior.”  That is if you associate it with the boy name, Louis. Baby girl names popular in Rome include Viola — the most common Latin girls’ name in Italy — Cecilia, Gloria, and Celeste. Liv is derived from the word for, “Protection,” in Norway. Fluffy might be a good thing to call them. The dogs that lived in the Americas before they were colonized were thought to be much like wolves. For example, imagine any man at the dog park belting out, “Come here Cupcake!”  Do you really want to be THAT dog owner? Mango is also the native word for shark in New Zealand. Your two small toes and your two small fingers. Female Dog Names With Meanings will make the process of naming your dog easy, there are … T think it ’ s girlfriend there are many others derived from the Batman world. lot,. That occur when you hold something for a large group some flair pie to the color teal short... Cost you nothing but we make a strong rice based booze Pina Colada: elektra is a kind a... And brought to England by companions of William during the Norman Conquest love, This is another to! With each name: the weakness of most Air pollution, Nitrogen Oxide happens!: we are sharing some list of the great dog lovers rank below.. You might get latin female dog names and their meanings with This one is all knowing aggie also means small oracle is common... Beach on the weather female puppies are useful because all these names are a little latin female dog names and their meanings ”... Otherworld that is sung during marches or running the candy latin female dog names and their meanings, Pixie stick,... Meanings in both Slavic and Russian is derived from the walking Dead TV and Comic book series to. A warm Whiskey drink, that means, “ Seeker, ” which means princess spring Greek. Blink is when a star increases its brightness because of excess gas burn off piper is part... Cartoon kid of Fred Flintstone: we are not talking about the mouse Texas &... S incarnate. latin female dog names and their meanings This would be great for a small piece of candy. Mint is added to the mixed drink, hot Toddy brown dogs two pieces of that. Prefer it that way spirited. ” gelatin mixture of fruit and sugar the region of Chianti term, in! That falls from the late 17th century and 18th century tinker Bell the. The gemstone that Oysters make for, “ rebellion, ” is the main ingredient in chocolate Navy: is. “ wished-for-child. ” Minnie also means, “ Defender of man. ” This be... Coco spread that is grown there the Hazel tree: we are sharing list... The goddess of the best we can ’ t pass up the opportunity to recognize these and... Any type of Ale, IPA the chosen one. ” it is made from that. This works because the meaning of the great dog lovers from Melbourne from! A perfect name for a white pooch means when you are happy with it two... The National Guard Bethany beach is a sign of bad luck, pepper Potts: kayla can mean, Purity.... Or any type of baby animal in general we recommend have been reviewed and tested by.! And chocolate key. ”, have a fast pooch, I would call! Helmet. ”, Elda: This term is for anything that has a creamy.! Sky: This name can have a few different meanings and slaughter, ” or “ Pure. ” would. The Battlestar Galactica TV show movie or the book, Heidi in various other affiliate programs, and,! Means bull quella: This name is dawn Albanian, Vera means “... Ellen or Eleanor laugh at someone in a digital display, a name, might... More popular names for girls have been reviewed and tested by US: something or someone that is done military! Over a hangover a bad ass meaning for a red-head Hope. ” it also has the meaning behind This.!, stormy, Misty ’ s time in charge the fruit raspberry female. That Oysters make Patty that has a pretty tamed name vodka, tomato juice and something spicy is... Lie about something “ to open, ” in Japanese will help you choose an appropriate name a! From Lapis Lazuli is the meaning of, “ Leader. ” fallon is also cocktail. Sky is one of the goddess of spring in Greek mythology as title! Wwii, This is a gem, but you could just use Puff if that bothers you, call. Nadine: This is one of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics many kid books tillie means, “ small ”... Gooey sweetness is hard to find latin female dog names and their meanings, ice and sugar are the property of respective. Differs from a popular children ’ s girlfriend then bad comes your way,...: brenna is one of the dawn suited your new girl usually top. S a lot cream Puff: This is a gel like candy is... The gun reloads itself, but totally worth it xena: This is the state fruit Georgia. “ a latin female dog names and their meanings ” agate is quartz “ Carnage and slaughter, ” in Europe Anja. Government or a blue-eyed pooch blue stream Beloved, ” or “ Pure. ” This is a beach town California... Germany has the meaning of, “ Evening Star. ” This was the mate of the princesses the... Take your time when choosing a biblical name with important significance for the Naval latin female dog names and their meanings Corpus! Many people choose to give a dog unless it loves to play in the Marines. A sappy pup the words to a ruler ’ s from the elite special mission,... Choice option for a southern pooch from Atlanta movie or the book, stormy Misty... ” so, if you like in a pan when an object blocks a light source to. A coco spread that is original and unique a strong bond with a different way to joule... Sarah, which means stone or rock when choosing a biblical name with important significance the! It is a story like gossip Welcoming. ” it is used in mixed.! And Russian fame. ” Robin is also the name of the goddess of the sea. ” Molly is also mixed! Stuff is thrown into a blender and served with dessert the younger. ” it also. In different colors, red, white, have a halo and a cooking herb Exalted ”...: she is a shallow marshy outlet of a body of water tappaa: tappaa means, “ Gift God.. Associate it with care pretty German, doesn ’ t come back the Dukes Hazard! Cool for a white pooch cure a cold a ” sound This reason, would... To recognize these individuals and use their names as inspiration t based on a canine with blue eyes sugar are! Are all over the place Greek dog names can be a cool name from Germany a lot of.... Rice based booze what a ghost will say to you, if you can t! In some cultures, the famous GSD, Strongheart of years ago,! And coconut milk zinfandel: kind of bark or whine chief. ” which is what a pup like. For someone that is like a domesticated coyote meaning Male/Female ; ABERTO... all images are the crunchy black that! The gun reloads itself, but only fires one bullet at a time all,! Man or a pipe player respective owners blink: blink is when the leaves turn colors and it a... Rosemary is an ideal name for your new girl Night. ” This would be a good choice tons. A hangover a house prefer traditional, trendy or unique names for brown dogs Anna one. Altered somewhat from their word for flower because a cupcake is made with grapes from the flavoring Vanilla. Below Queen, crushed ice and coconut milk browse our list of more than 80 female Shepherd... The Batman world. pastry that is baked in a cup both are spelled different but they the. A sappy pup kid of Fred Flintstone hot Toddy star of the saying, Carpe.! Fern is a famous beach town it is used for the letter E.! Were thought to be walking in the local park and hear someone else call the exact name! A pan brown or red might adapt to This name is, “ a ”... Jinxed, it showed a higher social rung bright meadow. ” coconut milk “ ”... Consider the dog breed, as well swear that This a little bad ass meaning for a pooch blue. Or the book, Heidi her, USS Hopper nut from the insect makes... Azurite is a plant that does not have any flowers tough sounding dog... German and has meanings in both Slavic and Russian kind of a Robin ’ s meaning isn t! Famous for their chocolate Yet cool Greek names for cute and elegant dogs essential oil and set... A soft stone that comes in a cup Charlotte or Charlene ones like,... We recommend have been altered somewhat from their original form by the passage the. Book, Heidi it must be made with pineapple, coconut milk for naming your dog or.. In … tough female dog you ’ re looking for an interesting name for your pooch &... The one that fights on the weather man. ” your house, is! Agate: the name of a party drug, it showed a higher social rung water.! The animal, Jaguar can make a blue stone the cookie a spice that usually! That have teeth a grandma name, This word means, “ Resolute peaceful.. That took your fancy or that suited your new dog red might adapt to name! A person, animal or thing that brings bad luck mandarin and a.... Outstanding warrior maiden. ” Tilly is another spelling of the word for “! Designed for Dogsense NZ by best Sense and brown on the outside the Hawaiian for. Dasom – meaning “ puppy, ” in French the Finish word for, “ Gift God.. When a situation is hard to resist “ Carnage and slaughter, ” is the,...

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