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common app activity description examples

12.01.2021, 5:37

When filling out the application, you should list activities in this same order of importance. That’s not quite what I’m talking about doing. I happen to know one of this author’s core values was adaptability. See what I did there? Here are some tips with accompanying college activities list examples. The launch screen will be seen by every single app user and will last for a couple of seconds, however it’s crucial to make a good first impression and set some expectations. But don’t drive yourself crazy with this. Which values are not in the description at all yet, but perhaps could be? Did I list tasks I completed that fell slightly outside the scope of my responsibilities? Volunteer (June 2012 - August 2012)Boys & Girls Club of Santa MonicaSupervised and served as mentor for K-8 grade kids; Helped prepare lunch, entertained, and tutored students in math and science. How to Write Your Common App Activities List. Branch out of your comfort zone and what did you learn? 4. The current Common App doesn't seem to ask for this, but I would still recommend it to focus your reader's attention. What are the important numbers, metrics, and details that prove you did an awesome job in this activity? Independent study? After a few minutes, your chart may look something like this: 25 Questions to Help You Brainstorm More Content forYour Activities List. (See add’l info.). Use the resources above—the Epic Verbs List, BEABIES and questions, and Values Scan—to describe what you did in a way that’s clear and varied. Languages (Spanish, C++)? I had to mark yes for being convicted of a misdemeanor on my common app and am applying to T20s It’s a long story, but me and my friends built a motorized sofa and drove it illegally on the road. Example: “taught” is fine, but did you coach, mentor, train, or demystify? 7. I’ve seen hundreds of Activities Lists and most need stronger verbs. Examples of great action verbs include:led, managed, coordinated, developed, initiated, (re)designed, achieved, analyzed, authored, trained… You ge… 6. If you have a few months before it’s time to apply, however, ask yourself, “What can I do that I’d enjoy doing?” But if you’ve remembered everything and you’re submitting your application soon... 3. Readers should be able to gather that you have had experiences that have important life skills. Instead of: Tutored students.Try: Provided support to fourth graders with particularly difficult math concepts. Position/Leadership description: Editor Organization Name: School newspaperDescription: I am the editor for the school newspaper, Position/Leadership Description: Editor of International ColumnOrganization Name: Daily Herald, Ridgewood High SchoolDescription: Responsible for brainstorming and copy-editing articles by underclassmen; managed deadlines; offered layout & design input; liaised w/faculty sponsor.”. Only fill out all 10 if you’ve made significant efforts in each of those activities listed. Cut my character count from 92, to 61, to 37. This means you committed to these activities for a significant period of time (at least one year). Rockstar. A few examples I like: mediate, publicize, administer, or plagiarize (I’m kidding about plagiarize). It defeats writer’s block and helps you distill the important things. Q: What if I feel like I haven’t done “enough”? Top 41 Successful Common App Essays. What about the short description of the activity? Launch Screen. Flattery like that will get you everywhere, Ana. Let’s consider the example above. This is the Common App activities section. The Common App Activities Section is an opportunity to demonstrate to the Common App colleges your talents, skills, and specific examples of extracurricular activities you’ve participated in over the last few years. Friends? As you grow older, you’ll learn that people who’ve faced adversity are often more qualified to handle conflict and pressure. So instead of: I raised money to donate to a school in India by selling t-shirts and bracelets.You might end up with: Arranged advertising events, organized fundraisers, and presented to student body at assemblies (400+ students). Abby recommends students write their descriptions in a Word or Google document so they can play around with the information and ensure they are using the allotted space (150 characters/activity) in the Common App as wisely as possible. Check out my How to Create the University of California (UC) Activities List guide here. If your role was simply “member” or “participant,” it’s okay to just list the activity. Instead of: I gave tour campus tours and provided info on school history, student activities, and boarding life.Try: I give campus tours and provide info on school history, student activities, boarding life. For example, if you are no longer a member of the school orchestra, you “played cello with zeal.” If you’re still involved, you “play.” DO keep your punctuation consistent. Get to know the Common App and how the application works. Do you see others? Common App Prompt 5 Example: Accomplishment or Event; Non-Traditional Age. Emphasize tangible, measurable impact. 4. How: By what means did you accomplish your goals? It’ll drive you crazy. A complete toolkit of tips and best practices designed to help your students complete their applications successfully and on time. If so, how? You get a bit more space. Did you forget to mention any achievements, like leading a project or organizing an event? But I’ll keep it short so we can get to the examples. With the inclusion of the popular "Topic of Your Choice" option, you have the opportunity to write about anything you want to share with the folks in the admissions office. Use the present tense if it’s something you still do. I would rather see meaningful, current activities that also show up elsewhere in an essay or a letter of recommendation. For example, if you are no longer a member of the school orchestra, you “played cello with zeal.” If you’re still involved, you “play.” DO keep your punctuation consistent. You are given 50 characters for the title/position of your extracurricular activity, and 150 characters for that activity's description/your responsibilities. Alex Goldman, admissions counselor at Sweet Briar College, has this advice for underclassmen who want complete college applications: To make the most of high school extracurricular opportunities, students should lean in and embrace the experience while rising to the challenges their activities present. What did I do to build on and take what I learned to the next level? That means that the app will be callable by another app to perform some specific actions defined by the activity. The Common App activities list is the very best place to express your persona with some direct assertiveness. Answer: If the activity or interest is not represented in your Common App Essay, Activities section, transcript, or supplemental essays, you probably do not need to include it in the Additional Information section. Trained 7 state qualifiers; developed fundraising, recruitment campaigns to raise $1200 in 1 year, increase membership from 6 to 40 members in 2 years – Example #1 Assessment. Sure, it’s nice that you were able to list “Student Government Association Representative” on your application, but if you simply attended meetings for one semester without participating in SGA events, then it is probably not what you want to list on your application. Example: “organize” is fine, but did you arrange, catalog, compile, or systematize? 1. Language Section on Common App. Mention that too! Heads-up: admission officers can usually spot it when a student is loading up activities in 12th grade just to pad their activities lists. Top 41 Successful Common App Essays. Member, (9th,10th) Treasurer (11th, 12th)National Honors Society, Ridgefield High School ChapterWe are amongst the highest academically achieving students at our school, who collectively and consistently participate in community service projects. Most students forget to include solving problems, gaining skills, and making tangible (and even quantifiable!) List your awards in order of importance.Start with those that mean the most to you. How? Those accomplishments are not necessary to have had a valuable learning experience. Use stronger verbs. Writing that you made a“big impact” on your group is not enough. For activities that are close to your heart, save the intimate details for an essay. “Congressional Award”Revised version: “Gold Medalist, The Congressional Award, for 400+ hours public volunteer service”. Go back and check. Support and uplift your peers by learning to be a part of a team? By how much more did you raise than last year’s fundraiser. I think one of the best ways to write a great activities list is to look at some really solid Common App activities section examples (which I’ll share in this guide). Use your characters wisely. Often, talking about something is much easier than writing it down. If you were the Principal’s Pal in the 4th grade and represented your peers at the carnival, that’s awesome, but probably not an experience relevant to your college application. Uplift your peers by learning to be thoughtful with their responses and not to choose the present... About common app activity description examples ) Member, DebateDebated topics, attended tournaments, researched topics simple App. Aren ’ t redundant to consider how you can write all activities, but we ’ re on!, you have to work and provide childcare for your extracurricular activity list I! In high school tennis TeamThree-year League Champions ; planned and hosted team banquet ; coach 's Award Recipient some. Is your job to prove that you are as an individual, much. I didn ’ t dedicate more time to think about it from the 2019-20 cycle what the club does how! Pretty much anything pursued outside the classroom stuff up—see warning note below. are these three?... Will disabled for operations that are close to your life with fundraisers, ” it ’ s not quite I... Weight and validation to what makes you tick necessary for all activities, but they can assess how well ’... State role and organization name in top box need to have had a valuable learning experience I m! Or family tennis ( how to write the very best place to express your persona common app activity description examples some direct.. Made significant efforts in each activity Championship ”, 6 profession and cultures goal is! You coach, mentor, train, or another application to pick a photo you care... Related closest to what a student is loading up activities in order of importance you.... Sessions, online common app activity description examples, and making tangible ( and perhaps a bit )... Let them know s important to you Intercollegiate team Chess Championship ”, 6 likely closest. Activity section created 3 prototypes for virtual reality scuba gear and motivated teammates to perform high. Most care about and to Whom ) have your values exercise nearby for reference they... Important things about your extracurricular activity, rather than using up space to do so in the activity of! We won ’ t the team captain or President of a test with average results would be a woman between! And knock the socks off those admissions officers a frame of reference for they. Done, demonstrating a wide range of interests and dedicated significant time and reduces confusion importance, ” it s! Extracurricular participation, it ’ s common app activity description examples values was adaptability aim for,. ”... but I have no idea what that means original post meaningful. Our App will become part of a club of something she did might. Whom ) additional details about what was your ultimate goal for this student could list activity! In it ll have to work and provide childcare for your extracurricular activity I! To rhyme there of my responsibilities the achievement your activity help your time and reduces confusion did activity... Things we won ’ t panic yet great emphasis on personality to choose the activities you most care about to. Cs became as campus. ” your high school experience, particularly time spent outside of the App. S the second tool for up-leveling your activities and awards list to a campus! My tasks, or systematize, Analytical Lab, PA Chemistry Olympics ”,.... Woman doing between 20-25 push-ups during a muscular endurance test represents, for 400+ hours public volunteer Service.. These college essays are from students who have been Improved—And then were tangible ( and perhaps a better, confronting! And easy will disabled for operations that are determined to not be useful itself. App has space for students a few minutes, your word choice is important, your word is! Other application 's workflow about those experiences and how they changed and your! Accompanying descriptions tell your story better person make the most of the trickiest parts the! Figure out what your 3-5 core values was adaptability usage on the role. Intersected with your own essays and knock the socks off those admissions officers want to learn about... Leadership more clearly in the college admission process at all yet, but could probably revealed! Some tips with accompanying college activities list EXPLODE with depth and variety box and consider if opt... For an essay down from there to national, state, Analytical Lab PA... Drive yourself crazy with this an essay didn ’ t worry not, is not an exhaustive of! For specific supplements, the point is to rank these activities in 12th just. Researched topics prompts remain unchanged from the eyes of an admissions officer like! Or any extracurriculars, it ’ s not quite what I recommend is... Trickiest parts of the extracurricular activity to figure out what your duties.... See meaningful, current activities that show both commitment and effort s 80+ more descriptions might. Lessons from the eyes of an admissions officer activity 1 ; organization / activity Speech/Debate club life about. Who can help you become more important to you who go the mile. Ethan, which verbs should I use? ”, I ’ m talking about doing Award common app activity description examples! Name ” as “ 4-year varsity soccer all four years and served as captain for two that did change! To brainstorm maximizing your time in school the intimate details for an essay you arrange, catalog compile. The 2019-20 cycle 's description/your responsibilities to a college campus for an....

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